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Dear Female Photographer,

Have you heard people pessimistically argue that it's just not possible to succeed as a professional photographer today?

I have.

Personally, though, I still believe it's possible. I don't, however, believe it's always easy.

How do I know it's still possible to succeed in the photography industry? Because people are doing it! And if they can do it … surely you can, too.


It all started in 2014. That's the year I moved to a new area and brought my established and mostly successful photography business with me. I settled into an area a little north of NYC to pursue personal goals. It was a very, very good decision for my life. But maybe not as much for my business. At least, not at first.

It was hard to start over in a very, very saturated market of talented photographers.

It was hard.

But it was good for me. I knew that to grow my business here, I'd have to really get moving. But I just felt overwhelmed.

And so, I started looking for motivation. I started reading, learning, and trying to grow as a businesswoman. And in between each book and podcast that I'd devour, I needed to somehow process the information I'd just consumed. I turned to my photography blog. And I began to write what were essentially "Dear Kate," posts. These were posts where I'd tell myself what needed to be done in order to keep going … and to keep growing. But rather than actually writing "Dear Kate," I'd write "Dear Female Photographer." After all, I figured that others might need the motivation, too!

A little time went by, and I felt like I still had so much knowledge and info stored up in my brain that needed to come out! And so I wrote the workbook "Dear Female Photographer, You Can Succeed!" I'm so proud of that workbook! I wrote it for myself. And I actually do use it. And other photographers are telling me that it's helping them, too. And that makes me THRILLED!

I knew I wanted to keep going with the inspirational/motivational blog posts for my fellow photographers (and myself), but I felt like these posts and books needed their own space. I still like posting them on my photography blog, but I wanted them to have a home.

And so, I created this site! It's here for me. It's here for you. It's here for any photographer who needs to be reminded that she has a very special gift to offer … and that she simply has to get out of her own way in order to succeed.

Why female photographers? Honestly, there was no forethought on this one. I was writing these blog posts to myself … a female … and writing with a very feminine voice (I can't help myself!). So that's why it became Dear Female Photographer. They say to write well for your audience, you need to know them well. And who could I know better than myself?? … a female photographer.

Welcome … I'm so glad you're here! 


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